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New York Youth Musicians prides itself on it's unique ensemble program that covers many important aspects of being a musician.


Our ensemble division, PEP, stands for Preparing Ensemble Performers.

At the start of the school year, students explore various topics within music in our Master Classes that are led by different professional musicians each month. While working together and developing friendships, the students are able use the information from the more fundamental PEP classes to branch into ensembles and rehearse to prepare for the Annual Ensemble Showcase, held at either Merkin Concert Hall or Roulette Hall.


It is required that students are 8+ years old and have at least one year of private instruction prior to joining our PEP program.

Master Classes

PEP students are offered 3 Master Classes, once a month, from October through December.  Our previous Master Classes have been led by some of the most prominent musicians such as: Greg Giannascoli (Juilliard Faculty), Danny Mallon (Mannes Faculty), Wilson Torres (Broadway Percussionist), Jon Singer (Xylopholks), Rumba Flamenca (Guitar Duo), Simon Boyar (Boyar Music Studios), Norman Paul Edwards Jr. (Drum Set) and AJ Merlino (World Percussion)

General Ensembles

After their 3 scheduled Master Classes, PEP students are able to use what they've learned and branch out into ensembles.  Some students group with friends, and other ensembles are formed for students to work with others they don't know yet.  Rehearsals typically begin in February, however more advanced ensembles may start as early as October.  All PEP students perform in the Annual Ensemble Showcase at Roulette Concert Hall in June.

World Influences

This ensemble explores traditional Mexican Marimba Ensemble repertoire and world influenced rhythms in Drum Circles. Learning melodies, harmonies and the story behind each piece.  MME forms into a few quartets.  This ensemble has performed at the Marine Park Carmine Carro Community Center and at The National Opera Center.  World Influences Ensembles are offered to our beginner and intermediate PEP members.

Norman's Class

Students are required to have been enrolled in PEP for at least two years and must audition.  Once selected, these students receive free additional lessons given by Norman Paul Edwards, Jr. on drum set - exploring all styles of drumming from jazz, rock and funk to afro-cuban and world rhythms.  Read more about Norman HERE.

Practice Days

Also known as "Sunday Funday".  

PEP students are given free access to our studio to practice. Having this private time to practice will help them keep up with the demanding repertoire for their private lessons and ensembles as well as giving them the opportunity to explore something different during their free time.

Theory & Ear Training Classes

PEP students may participate in our Music Theory and Ear Training Classes. Covering music theory fundamentals - qualities of scales, intervals, triads, 7th chords, inversions, figured bass, four-part harmony, to analyzing Bach Chorales. Theory that is usually taught at a college/conseravtory level and our students ages 7-18 are excelling at.

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